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Vom regionalen Tourismus-Projekt zur Umsetzung mit Crowdbeteiligung und -finanzierung

From Regional Tourism Project to Implementation with Crowdsourcing and Financing

A family business plans to create a new tourism offering in a disadvantaged area. After two long years of development, the project emerges from an idea: a modern campsite that also has corresponding digital infrastructure. Basic funding is planned in the form of equity, loan financing, grants and crowdfunding.

This is where the EDIH “Crowd in Motion” comes into play: the team, customers, suppliers, employees and citizens are involved in the development of the campaign from the outset. The development is carried out in 3 stages:

  • Stage 1: From project to business concept (business development).
  • Stage 2: From business concept to crowd model.
  • Stage 3: From crowd model to crowd business and funding model.

From stage 1, community building is done by leveraging swarm intelligence. This solicits early feedback from the network, brings in resources, achieves visibility, and reduces project risk. The loyalty of the relevant target groups increases and high capacity is ensured right from the start. The implementation of the crowdfunding campaign thus has a higher probability of success. The other financing partners have even better insight into the project, and the potential financial resources from crowdfunding strengthen the company’s financing.