About the EDIH “Crowd in Motion”

We are a consortium of non-profit research and technology organizations, innovation accelerators, crowd platform providers and digital fabrication labs (Fablabs) in the Austrian digital innovation landscape. We combine our expertise to support and drive the digital transformation of organizations, with a focus on the tourism, sports and leisure industry, as well as the public sector.

Through a coordinated, complementary consortium – from the idea through analysis and prototyping to financing – we thus achieve an acceleration and strengthening in innovation and implementation.

EDIHs in Austria

What is an EDIH?

The EU is initiating a European network of around 200 European Digital Innovation Hubs through its Digital Europe program. They provide capabilities in the latest digital technologies and their implementation. Four of these hubs are located in Austria and are dedicated to topics of high relevance for the region with their respective focal points.

The funding, which benefits SMEs and public organizations in its entirety, is composed of 50 percent national funding by the Ministry of Economy and 50 percent from the European Commission’s Digital Europe program. The processing of national funding is carried out by the FFG.