Innovation platforms

Discover the diversity of innovative thought processes and creative ideas on our platforms within “Crowd in Motion“. We present to you three dynamic innovation platforms that empower businesses, organisations and the wider public to engage in groundbreaking open innovation crowdsourcing campaigns: “Crowd in Motion“, “IdeaSpace” and “Ideen4Kärnten“. These platforms provide an interactive and inspiring environment where ideas flow, creativity thrives, and innovations take shape. Immerse yourself in a world of possibilities, commission an idea campaign for your respective challenges, and benefit from the inspiring ideas of the communities.


(hosted by ISN – Innovation Service Network)

Crowd in Motion is the associated idea platform of the European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) “Crowd in Motion.” It is specifically tailored for the public sector, as well as the tourism, sports and leisure industries. Its idea competitions aim to contribute to the digital and ecological transformation of Austria and Europe.

(hosted by Salzburg Research)

IdeaSpace hosts national and international idea competitions for businesses, organizations, and public institutions. With a broad spectrum of themes ranging from tourism, leisure and sports to mobility and health, the IdeaSpace appeals to a diverse range of audiences. The aim is to foster innovative ideas across various industries and transform their challenges into creative solutions.


(hosted by Gemeinde-Servicezentrum)

Ideen4Kaernten focuses its idea competitions around the digital transformation in municipal administrations, thereby supporting municipalities in Carinthia with their regional planning and development.

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