14:00 to 16:00
Crypto money

Crypto Assets and the Token Economy (Train the Trainer)

Train the Trainer course to provide to European Digital Innovation Hubs Network with an introduction to the Chartered Digital Asset Analyst – CDAA® and Chartered Blockchain Analyst – CBA® programme, and introduce the basic knowledge of how blockchain, digital assets and Web3 technology works as well as the impact this can have on financial services and other industries. This Train the Trainer programme serves as a basis for becoming a CDAA® or CBA® Trainer and will be extended with additional training sessions going into depth of each syllabus topic of the CDAA® and CBA®.

Module 1 – Technology: Silvan Andermatt
Module 2 – Business & Economics: Arno Pernthaler
Module 3 – Legal & Regulatory: Charles Kerrigan & Erica Stanford

More details to the CDAA® can be found here: Link
More details to the CBA® can be found here: Link

More details about the event here: Link

This Train the Trainer programme is extended with a 12 hour Massive Open Online Course – MOOC on edX.org.