Our Services

Test before invest

1. Test before invest

We provide the facilities for your experimentation with new digital technologies – software and hardware – to understand new opportunities and return on investments. This includes demonstration facilities, technology scouting, prototyping and digital fabrication in the Center for Rapid Innovation, the Alpine Tech Innovation Hub, the Digital Mountain Lab, and the Pioniergarage Salzburg.


2. Advanced digital skills and training

to make the most of digital innovations in our innovation academy, Digital Innovation Modelling, the innovation orbit and the programme „fit4internet“ in Austria as well as the entrepreneurship, digital technology and innovation programs of Werkstätte Wattens.


3. Support to find investments

in order to bring the results of testing and experimentation to the next phase, access to incubation & acceleration programmes via our crowdfunding platform Tausend mal Tausend and via the Austrian platform „Public Procurement Promoting Innovation“ (IÖB – Innovationsfördernde Öffentliche Beschaffung). Our extended investment partners are representing Banks, Business Angels, Private Equity & Venture Fonds, Crowdfunding, Financial Market Innovations, Crypto Assets Education & Certification. They are covering all currently available types of financing for Crowd in Motion customers.


4. Open innovation ecosystem building and networking

in ideation contests in settings like the Open Innovation Platform Salzburg and Ideen4Kärnten and the Werkstätte Wattens entrepreneurship center. These open innovation platforms operated by our consortium build upon already existing open innovation communities with about 21,000 members. Our open innovation community management is based on latest scientific insights as described in our book edited by consortium member Ludovit Garzik “Successful Innovation Systems – A Resource-oriented and Regional Perspective for Policy and Practice”, published in December 2021.