EDIH – European Digital Innovation Hub
“Crowd in Motion

Crowd Technology, Motion Data Science and Digital Fabrication for Tourism, Sports and Public Organisations


Fostering green sustainable digital innovation in tourism,
sports and public organisations.

What is our initiative for a European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH)?

We are a consortium of non-profit research and technology organisations, innovation accelerators, crowd platform providers and digital fabrication labs (fablabs) of the Austrian digital innovation landscape, putting together our expertise to support and advance the digital transformation of organisations with focus in the tourism, sports and leisure industries and the public sector – especially as these sectors are tightly intertwined with each other. We provide our digital intelligence, crowd-based digital innovation activities, digital fabrication excellence and experimentation facilities connecting the digital and the real world in the Alpine region for the benefit of public administrations and SMEs, young innovators, start-ups and grown-ups.

An EDIH is a venture partly financed by the European Digital Programme, by the member states and regions in the European Union with the purpose of strengthening efforts for digitilisation in European regions and for specific economic sectors. Crowd in Motion EDIH serves the western (alpine) part of Austria with digital technological solutions for specific alpine challenges. The focus is on the federal states of Salzburg, Carinthia, Tyrol and Vorarlberg and their tourism, sports and leisure sectors. For the digitalisation needs of public administration, we serve all municipalities, cities and regions in Austria with trainings, matching and implementation services.